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The Toras Events agency is ready to organize your holiday within 5 minutes after receiving your application. A team led by the general promoter of the best nightclubs in Moscow will help create an event that inspires, pleasantly surprises and becomes the embodiment of your wildest fantasies.

+7 925 341-70-76
Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 6 s. 2

2 thoughts on “Agency Toras Events reviews

  1. Providing specific details about your experience, as you’ve done, serves as a cautionary tale for others in the business community who may be considering similar collaborations. It’s my hope that your future events are smoother and more successful, with a partner who values professionalism and customer satisfaction.

  2. Our experience with this event agency can only be described as a catastrophic failure on all fronts. Right from the beginning, their lack of professionalism and competence was evident. They consistently failed to meet our specific event requirements, despite our exhaustive discussions and clear agreements. The event itself was marred by numerous technical issues, including sound and lighting failures, which not only disrupted the proceedings but also embarrassed us in front of our guests. Their inability to accurately estimate the guest count led to overcrowding, creating a chaotic and uncomfortable atmosphere. What added to our dismay was their dismissive attitude towards our concerns and their complete disregard for our vision. We expected a memorable event but received nothing but disappointment and frustration. Our trust in this agency was misplaced, and the consequences were regrettable.

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