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Bitexbook is a young crypto exchange regulated by Russia. The beginning of its activity is dated 2017. The beta version of the service was launched in 2018. To date, the site is available in Russian and English, which allows the project to go beyond the borders of one country. But, perhaps, in the future, the geography of access will be wider. Users note that the platform interface is convenient and understandable for both an experienced player and a beginner in the cryptosphere. Night mode included.

3 thoughts on “Bitexbook Review

  1. Despite some doubts about my youth, I liked the exchange. It works really fast, they withdraw within an hour to the wallet. How the cards will work, I can not say. It is not a fact that within an hour it will come out to meet – the bank may have a surge. In addition to cryptocurrency, the exchange supports fiat. Both as a payment instrument and as an asset for trading. It is convenient that the fiat is represented not by one dollar, but also by rubles. This is a huge plus, no conversion when replenishing and withdrawing.

  2. Good idea from the owners. The exchange has a lot of innovative ideas, but not everything works at an excellent level yet. They are trying to quickly withdraw money, and verify instantly, and make support fast – only in reality, either there are few employees, or functionally they have not figured out everything, but they are not yet fast in everything, as they say.

  3. I’ll start with the pros, they are. The first main plus and it follows in their minus. The exchange decided to help clients, the former Bitflip exchange, which has shriveled. Clients were able to transfer their balances to their exchange. Cool? Certainly. Moreover, they also promised to redeem these debts to customers. Smoothly approached the minus – this plus. They redeemed the debt to the client in the form of bidding, everyone perfectly understands that no one will buy 1 to 1, so the price in most cases is 1 to 0.1. Here, of course, many will object, they say you were given a chance, so trade. But this is not the point, but the fact that the exchange initially misled people that they would buy their balances 1 to 1. But I didn’t see any more pluses on this, low turnover, I would even say very small, about 2-3 cue balls per day. The withdrawal of crypto or fiat is carried out only when their financial department is working, that is, from 09-00 to 22-00 (MSK), plus it takes about one hour, there is definitely nothing for arbitrageurs to do here, with such a “fast” system. There is a chat, on the exchange itself and in the cart. If you want to say something, if you don’t like something, you will be devoured there =) Admins will also be offended by your comments. As for the support service, it works well for them, they respond quickly enough, friendly and without any rudeness. Regarding the entire exchange as a whole, it is buggy, even with a new design, to cut and cut it. That’s all.

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