Capitalix Review


Phone: +2484325339

Address: CT House, Office 4B, Providence, Mahe Seychelles

Email:  [email protected]

About company:

Our Vision

At Capitalix, we want to bridge the gap between the traders and the capital markets,

providing our traders with the tools, strategies, knowledge, execution speed, and support to trade market trends effectively as they develop (instead of having to chase them). We optimize our platform to best help our users understand market trends, ride economic momentum, and make the right decisions to benefit from market volatility.

Our Promise to You

Capitalix bridges the gap between you and the capital markets by empowering you with the most robust platform,

trading experience, and support so you can use market indicators to generate signals for entering and exiting stocks and start investing right away. With 150+ assets to trade, training, and a multilingual support team, we are committed to creating the best trading environment for you  to achieve your trading dreams. With the powerful and easy-to-use Capitalix trading platform, you can gain confidence and start trading immediately.

Capitalix – an award winning broker

Capitalix won the award from the Global Brands Magazine as the fastest growing forex broker in GCC.

3 thoughts on “Capitalix Review

  1. I’m still considering this broker, but something I do not dare. Evaluate and analyze. I still think that there is no need to rush in this matter, but you really need to choose the company that responds to you. But Capitalix seems to be responding. But I’ll wait another month, I’ll see how it will prove itself among the trading community.

  2. Another scam (I lost about 3k here in general. The reasons are different. Slippages, spreads that only increase. Well, additional payments – insurance, mentoring, etc. Although I didn’t need a mentor, they stupidly imposed a freak who helped drain everything But I’m not sure that I would have made money myself, they are cunning and adjust technical failures and so on in order to row money for themselves.

  3. Absolutely no conditions for people (the terminal hangs, the charts do not move in real time, but somehow in their own way. The technical support is rude, answers questions evasively (when you talk about withdrawal, they start calling you a rogue who has no penny in his pocket. Such manipulations – terrible (I regret that I contacted this office (

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