CED Capital Limited

CED Capital Limited Review

Website: https://www.cedcapitalltd.com

Phone: +442475209810

Address: First floor, 47/48 Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

CED Capital Ltd is an international brokerage with offices in Europe and CIS countries. Working with our company brings successful trading experience, you will create your personal portfolio, find the assets which match your trading style best and gain the new knowledge. It takes just a couple of clicks to open a position. Besides that you will have the full set of instruments and metrics needed to master trading on Forex.

3 thoughts on “CED Capital Limited Review

  1. I put a plus sign in the karma of this office, because it goes towards newcomers like me. Believe me, I shook the nerves of the employees of the office pretty much, but still they were able to train and helped to reach a normal income. Payments are made without any questions, this is the main thing.

  2. First profit received! Thanks to the support of the company for always trying to help and suggest solutions to pressing issues. Plus, they give sensible recommendations regarding transactions, the deposit, as you understand, has not yet been merged. I plan to continue cooperation.

  3. Average broker, what can I say. With documents in the UK, they seem to be in full order, but our office works illegally and it seems like you have to cooperate with it only on a trust basis. I made up my mind, but this is a certain risk, I don’t know how it will turn out.

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