3 thoughts on “PARCL REVIEWS

  1. It looks like a great idea. In my experience, only a few US-based businesses can offer international shipping with a competitive shipping rate

  2. This company makes it very well known “You’re protected because we use Paypal ect” Pay pal has nothing to do with Parcl, Parcl can’t insure you for anything and doesn’t. Here is why not even Paypal can help. The forwarders (People you pay to send the parcel to you) want the money sent as ‘friend’ and not as ‘payment’. Meaning you’re not covered if they steal your money. They won’t let you pay them as ‘payment for services’ because they can’t access the funds until a service is completed. Which it isn’t, it’s only just begun..so if they can’t access the funds…then they can’t buy you what you want them to. Meaning the only way to get people to help you is to send them un insured money….Yet Parcl pretends like everything is fine and insured….What a joke.

  3. Placed an order with SimpleParcel via parcl
    DO NOT USE THEM at all they are using other freight forwarders / agents in other countries and NOT THEIR OWN PEOPLE OR OFFICES for e. G in they are using ARAMEX shop and ship address / services and using them to forward the goods. In which they have NO CONTROL OF YOUR GOODS, LASTLY DO NOT USE SimpleParcel WHATS SO EVER! As your forwarder. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE! STAY CLEAR BIG TIME.

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