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Oleksandr Slobozhenko is an eccentric even for the well-worn community of Ukrainian IT swindlers. With all his appearance, he shows that he “earns” millions and bathes in luxury. In fact, this is an organic element of attracting “partners”. However, there is one circumstance: now it is not fashionable. Now it is fashionable to show their involvement in the defense of the country. Colleagues lost sight of the fact that Alexander Slobozhenko was by no means stupid and at the very beginning of the invasion he ordered a post on Russian Z-channels, which told in a terrible secret that Alexander Slobozhenko and his Traffic Devils were almost a secret weapon of Ukraine in the fight against aggression. After that, Slobozhenko quite reasonably considered it possible to continue his ordinary life, trading in illegally obtained traffic, selling it right and left, including to Russian casino players.


  1. After the interview, someone Mikhail will be embarrassed to give feedback during the next week after the interview. A month has passed, the comrade neither refuses, nor hires anyone. Why waste time on a meeting – the devil knows. Developer vacancies are posted on a regular basis. Apparently the guys are looking for a javist who knows how to do a lot, but works for free, or in a company of a mess. In general, take care of yourself and your time, colleagues.

  2. It was my first job after receiving my diploma, and I was hoping that I would have some useful experience to start my career, I got a job as a junior media planner with grief in half. The work is completely remote. There is an opportunity to visit the office if you wish, but I didn’t really want to, and there was no point in the whole team with which I worked in conjunction, was in another city. Communication is a huge problem. In group chats, everything is discussed in a row, and newcomers are not brought up to date at all, they say, they themselves should have the initiative to figure it out if they want to. The tasks of a colleague were thrown off to me in a personal chat or by mail, there I could clarify something, but there was never an understanding of which specific tasks related to my position, because I was asked to do one thing or another, then I was introduced into communication with the client , then removed from it. Between departments during some urgent tasks at the end of the month, communication is no better than one document, several departments can throw it among themselves, it is not clear who to turn to. There was a lot of rework due to the task of reworking huge presentations with graphs and calculations in a short time. Overtime is not paid, there are no compensations for them. It is expected that you will simply be on the initiative and desire to plow for the good of the team. As a result, I did not learn anything about media planning, because in fact I was engaged in some kind of documents, billing, etc., and I was not allowed to plan for a year. Upon dismissal, they said that I showed little zeal, but by that time I had already burned out and, in principle, did not understand what kind of zeal was expected from me with such an unstructured work and the absence of any prospects.

  3. I am an employee of the Traffic Time company, I got here almost a year ago, and during this time I have never regretted it. Training, a stable salary, a good team, adequate management and requirements, there is an opportunity for career growth, and in general, the company gives confidence in the future!

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