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Why choose BuyaCar?

Quality checked used cars

All our cars are thoroughly quality checked, are under eight years old and have less than 100,000 miles on the clock

Home delivery or collection

You can order online and have your next car delivered to your front door or purchase through one of our trusted dealers

Peace of mind

All of our cars include warranties and a 10-day money back guarantee, giving you confidence in your next car

3 thoughts on “BuyaCar Review

  1. Personally, I would not advise buying a car online without seeing it. This was the first car I went to buy online, and it is not an experience I would like to repeat. Firstly the car was misadvertised. Online the mileage showed 30,000 miles however when it was delivered it had nearly 40,000 on the clock. I also specifically asked if the car had an aux input before going ahead with the purchase, I was informed that it was checked and that it did, however on arrival this was not the case. The car was severely scratched, and although it was 4 years old, this was not wear and tear damage. There were dents all around the cars as well as a big one on the cover of one of the wing mirrors. The fog lights on the car were also severely scratched. Further there were additional problems with the car such as the power socket not working, the drinks holder not having a cover, and just having screws. All in all the vehicle was not up to standard of one for £6000. On arrival I informed Buyacar that I would not be signing the delivery note. They then pestered me all day, trying to convince me otherwise. After this when I called them the next day to ask about having my deposit refunded, I was informed that I would have to wait for the logbook to be delivered to me in the post and once I had sent that back, they would process my refund. My main problem now being, that I had not signed a logbook and on the delivery of the vehicle there was no paperwork ready to be handed over to me, meaning that somewhere my signature has been forged and someone signed the logbook on my behalf. This therefore means I listed as the owner of a vehicle that I did not purchase, own or even drive. Terrible company, very unreliable, watch out for inaccurate descriptions, I went else where and got a newer Fiat 500 with all the feature for an extra £500 along with outstanding customer service. Do not use these people, you don’t know what will arrive at your door. May even report them to trading standards.

  2. initially I was nervous buying a car online. I came across buyacar and they made it look so easy- from sales to operations delivering my car. the two guys I dealt with in operations were very efficient and kept me up to date regarding my order. I received my car within a week. It drives brilliant and in lovely condition as promised. Will definitely recommend buyacar.

  3. Wow after seeing an advert online. I thought let me try. I saw my dream car at an affordable price. Fill up the buying form which was short and easy to understand. The next thing a had a call from the customer service. He was so helpful and kind throughout my purchase even after i got my they call me to find out hows my new car. I would recommend to anyone out there who wish to buy their dream car to use excellent staff good customer service. Keep up the good work.

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