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  1. I got involved with these crooks in full. I took out a microloan to open an account with Allianze, then I got a bunch of debts, because I had to pay commissions, then buy insurance. And I also wanted to use bonuses, for which it was necessary to open a separate account. In a month, I gave them almost $ 3,000, and withdrew absolutely NOTHING. I definitely didn’t expect such a star (((I have a loan and a bunch of debts, and these bastards don’t even pick up the phone!

  2. Invested money, does not withdraw Divorce and scam. Don’t be fooled. I don’t understand how you can deceive people like that … It’s a difficult time for me now and the person who lured me here knew about it, in the end I couldn’t even return my money. I want her to spend my money on her own medicines. People be careful, do not trust people!

  3. Friends, do not invest a penny here, scammers practice psychological pressure, they will not get rid of until your pockets are completely empty !!!! Don’t believe a single word. I myself was among the victims of these swindlers. When I realized that this was a financial scam and that I urgently needed to flee from here, it was already too late.

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